Cyprus Legal Entities

  • International Limited Liability Companies

  • International Partnership

  • International Branches

  • Residence and Work Permit


Cyprus as Regional Gateway

  • Cyprus is an Independent Presidential Republic. The Cyprus economy has a well developed industrial, commercial and service sector.


Cyprus Trust

  • Legal Frame Work

  • Conditions for the set-up of an International Trust

  • Types of Cyprus Trust


Cyprus Tax Treaties with Other Countries

  • Cyprus has got tax treaties with 43 countries of the world.


Trademarks & Intellectual Property

  • Trademarks

  • Patents

  • Copyright


Cyprus Tax Reform 2003

  • Significant changes in the Cyprus tax system include the adoption of residency rather than source as the basis of taxation.


International Business and Tax Planning

  • Advantages of establishing corporations and other legal entities in Cyprus

  • Types of Cyprus legal entities